But How Will We Say Goodbye?

Posted by Mary Hillman on

For many of us, saying goodbye to our children on the first day of school is going to be really difficult this school year. It’s difficult for many under “usual circumstances” but this year, I find myself questioning every decision I make... and then questioning it again.
Yes, I’ve been in my house, with my two children for literally 170 days straight. I've counted. But the thought of sending one off to school now is hard, probably for that very reason.
Over the past 170 days we have:
Stomped off angrily
Practiced guitar
Played video games
Washed laundry
Listened to music
Played outside
Google Met
Zoom Met
Watched TV
Got a puppy
Planted a garden
Made a mess
Cleaned it up
Etc, etc, etc
My children are ready for their next adventure—- because children are resilient. But how will I say goodbye on that very first day?
It will help me to know that my son is prepared. We’ve talked about the virus. We’ve talked about “social distancing”. We’ve practiced wearing masks. I’ve modeled expectations and explained that school will look different this year. We’ve practiced hand washing.
The lines of communication will remain open. We will talk or I will just listen!
I’ll smile and I’ll wave—and I’ll cry in the car on the way to work. And then I’ll leave it in the car and get ready for my students.
This will be a school year like no other.
We will get through this.