But How Will I Say Hello? Successfully Funded Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Mary Hillman on

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by. 

As an educator working with early childhood, elementary children and children with disabilities for over 18 years, coupled with my desire to help explain some of the uncertainty of what school may look like for my own children this school year, I decided to channel the nerves that were keeping me up at night in a positive way.  It has been my dream to write a children’s book.  This one flowed fairly organically for me as I thought about the smiling faces I would typically greet at the door with a smile, handshake, high five or hug. None of this would happen this school year.  But How Will I Say Hello? is a story that aims to explain a little about how the act of saying hello in a school setting might look differently with health/safety and social distancing guidelines put into place.  It is my hope to ease some of the anxiety that children might face as they re-enter school buildings.  Many schools are using the term physical distancing to replace social distancing, as it is the hope that teachers will help students think of different ways to be social regardless of what their classroom or learning spaces look like. 

The book began with an idea and the strong encouragement from my husband, coupled with encouragement and creativity of my brother, John.  From there, we had the story illustrated and started the process of developing a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing and the distribution of the book.

The project was funded completely within five days of a 10 day campaign.  We are excited to get the story printed and fulfill rewards for our backers.  Copies of the book will also be donated to schools.  You can purchase your own copy, in English or Spanish as a softcover or ebook.