Moving to Remote Learning?

Posted by Mary Hillman on

"But How Will I Learn From Home?"  Those exact words came out of my first graders mouth the first few weeks of his first grade year.  He has been able to learn in school 5 days a week since the end of September, with just one remote day in November.  However, as we see an uptick in cases in the area, and the country, the transition to remote learning can happen at any moment.

I wrote this book in September, after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to print and distribute my first book, But How Will I Say Hello?  While But How Will I Say Hello? focuses on greeting in school in more physically distant ways, my second book, But How Will I Learn From Home? follows a young boys thoughts about how learning from home can be challenging and what makes it easier for him.  Here are some tips I have compiled:

Learning from home has it challenges, but children are resilient!  Hug your little one and take good care of yourself, too!